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Lost & Changing: Monroe Apartments

The Monroe Apartments were built ca. 1929 in the neighborhood of Charlottesville formerly known as “Canada.” The land the building sits on was originally owned by James Monroe and later by Kitty Foster. The land stayed within Kitty Foster’s family until the turn of the century, when the land was subdivided and sold. At this time, the University was rapidly growing and demand for housing was on the rise. As a result, Canada was gentrified to make accommodations for the increasing number of professors and University staff seeking housing close to the University.

Wade first designed and built the Monroe Apartments, followed shortly by the adjacent Brandon Apartments. The apartments were geared toward lower-middle income individuals, often older single women and faculty. Students were not allowed to live in the buildings, unless they were married.

After housing locals and students for almost 90 years, these apartments were demolished in early 2018 to make way for the University’s new plans for Brandon Avenue.

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