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Rosenwald Project


Preservation Piedmont, together with the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, funded research on Rosenwald Schools in Albemarle County and the surrounding region. Interest in Albemarle County Rosenwald Schools began in 2006 when members of the Albemarle County Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) began collecting oral histories from former Rosenwald students and teachers. In 2008, the Committee returned to this project and broadened its scope by expanding the research to collect information from a broad range of communities throughout the Piedmont. Dr. Lynn Rainville is chair of the HPC Rosenwald Sub-Committee and is heading up a project to create an on-line database of central Virginia Rosenwald Schools. Members from HPC, Preservation Piedmont, and architectural historians are donating their time to help locate and document these historic schools.

The project website, www2.vcdh.virginia.edu/schools, lists information about the Rosenwald Program and local schools. If you have information about a Virginian Rosenwald School (including photos, remembrances, or historic records) please contact Preservation Piedmont.